Web Project Management

How can you ensure your project is delivered on time and on budget? You need to do the right work up front. Identify the project goals, processes and solutions. Evaluate the available resources, technologies, constraints and risks. Set realistic deadlines, and milestones to allow you to track progress towards those deadlines. Have plans in place to respond to missed milestones. And manage the project at every stage.

Web Strategy

Why do you even have a website? Does it have clearly defined goals? Are those goals “SMART” – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-sensitive. Are those goals aligned with problems your customers will pay to solve, and are they described in the language your customers are using to describe that problem?

Web Design

Your web design mostly has two primary requirements. One is getting people to visit your site – this is “SEO” or Search Engine Optimisation. The second, and no less important goal, is to turn visitors into customers – this is Conversion Optimisation. A million visits from people who don't buy from you is just as pointless as a site that can convert 90% of its visitors into sales but that nobody ever finds. Every component of your web design needs to be justify itself with respect to how it’ll assist either (or both of) your SEO or your conversion rate.