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Insane idea of the day #877…

So Flickr announced 1TB (yes, one _terabyte!_) of free storage for all users. Which made me (and a whole bunch of other people) joke about writing a filesystem to use it as cloud storage. Then, of course someone _did_ it ,and … Continue reading

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Ideas and Execution – the enourmous difference between them in effort required.

Wow! Welcome HackerNews visitors! Discussion here This is a story about some ideas, some pivots, and one friend’s 3 month or so run at executing one idea.   TL;DR – Ideas come quick. You can have dozens of them a … Continue reading

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Mobile: Goals and Analytics

How long to people spend looking at your site on their phone? What are they trying to do, and is it different from when they’re a “non-mobile” visitor to your site? A recent TechCrunch article by Jack Krawcyzk titled “Your … Continue reading

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Even government departments are going “mobile”

President Obama notes that “Many government services are not optimized for smartphones or tablets, and other services aren’t available at all on those devices”, and has instructed Federal Agencies to provide reports on their websites mobile plans. (via ComputerWorld – … Continue reading

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Internet smack down of the month…

 From torvalds commented 6 hours ago On Fri, May 11, 2012 at 1:48 PM, Dominik Dabrowski wrote: You might have fun raging on the internet, but I think your goals would be better served if you expressed your thoughts … Continue reading

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Mobile First – in the local media today.

There’s a good article about mobile in Technology Spectator this morning. (Go, read it. I’ll wait…) Personally I think it’s confused on the important differences between tablets and smartphones, and also the difference between mobile websites and mobile apps. In … Continue reading

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Web Standards Day

So Apparently Nov 30 is “Blue Beanie Day – in support of web standards“. A fine sentiment, but shouldn’t _everyday_ be “in support of web standards”? (Well, except for days I’m out riding the bike. Every _other_ day I care … Continue reading

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Are you publishing video on your website?

Do you have any idea how it ends up looking to your users? There’s a great post here about measuring visitors video performance – do you know how often visitors end up with pauses while rebuffering? Should you be compressing … Continue reading

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Website Monitoring Tools

I just read a good blog post about free website monitoring options on I use two of those free services as part of our website strategy at the web design firm I work for in Sydney. is great … Continue reading

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A good SEO practice and process post.

From : SEO In A Nutshell People treat SEO like it is black magic, but at the core it is very simple: Content + Links = You Win. A good explanation of “content” and “links”, and how to generate both. Some … Continue reading

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