Use your target keyword phrase in here (the post title in WP)

Call us now: 1300 KEYWORD
(this is a call-to-action)
In the body text, mention your target keyword phrase at least a few times. If you can manage it without making it look too forced try and use the target keyword phrase in bold. If you’ve got a closely related page or post on the site already which uses a closely related phrase, link to it using your closely related target keyword phrase, and go to that page and try to link back here with the target keyword phrase.

target keyword phrase

target keyword phrase

If you’ve got an image for the post, use the target keyword phrase in the caption and alt tags where possible. Use the target keyword phrase in the Title of links and images (then it’ll show up when you hover the mouse over them).

You’ll notice the Permalink under the Post title automatically fills itself with the post title with spaces replaced with dashes. If it makes sense, hit the edit button and edit the permalink to be just the target keyword phrase.

Choose a Category for the post that most closely relates to the target keyword phrase. Consider creating a new category if needed (but use some restraint, the categories will become unworkable if they grow past a few dozen entries, without some careful management).

Tag the post with relevant tags – we can have a lot more tags than categories, use anything relevant that people might use to describe or ask about the target keyword phrase topic.

When you read back over the article, it should probably read just a little awkwardly, because if it doesn’t, you could probably have mentioned your target keyword phrase a few more times. This example has probably overdone it a little, but including the heading and this sentence I’ve got the target keyword phrase in here about a dozen times. Five or six mentions in a ~300 word post probably would have been perfect.